Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pork Chop Hash

I know some people consider a hash as a way to use up leftovers.  For me, it's a way to use up vegetables from my CSA before the next basket arrives on Tuesday.  

One of the spice mixtures I used in this dish is Vegeta.  If you never have used it, put it on your grocery list.  It's commonly found in Eastern European markets and also can be found on  Vegeta is a versatile mixture of spices and vegetables that are commonly used in soups but it tastes great sprinkled on pork chops too.  Use with a light hand though, it can turn your food into being too salty to eat.  

Pork Chop Hash

2 center cut pork chops, cooked seasoned with Vegeta, diced
2 potatoes, diced
3 ears of corn, kernels sliced off
1/4 tsp paprika
salt & pepper, freshly ground to taste

Cook pork chops in pan and remove from pan when done.  Add diced potatoes in same pan.  When potatoes are done, add in corn and cook for a couple minutes.  Put diced pork chops back and and serve when completely heated.