Saturday, July 26, 2014

Grilled Colby Chicken Melt

What better way to begin the weekend either at home or at the lake than with an easy lunch that is sure to please.  You can use leftover chicken from the grill or some ready to go from the grocery store.  An expert sandwich flipper could make these on the grill.  I made them on the stove top.  I added in a special spread for extra flavor

Grilled Colby Chicken Melt
2 slices of your favorite bread - I used a Whole Grain Wheat
2 slices colby cheese
red pepper spread
butter, softened

Assemble just like a grilled cheese sandwich.  Butter the outside slices of bread and place one piece face down in a frying pan. Spread red pepper spread on top and lay down one slice of colby cheese over it.    Place slices of chicken breast on top of the cheese, top with a second piece of cheese, and then the other slice of bread, butter side on top.  Grill until a nice golden brown, carefully flip and grill the second side.