Sunday, December 28, 2014

Italian Sausage Bites

Ever buy ingredients for Christmas baking and run out of time before you get them made?  That's what happened to me this year and I had 3 packages of Puff Pastry in my freezer that I needed to start using.  Perfect timing to make a hot snack for the Vikings & Bears game today.  Besides the Puff Pastry, I had a package of mild Italian Sausage in my freezer that was already cooked and drained to make this an easy game day treat.

Italian Sausage Bites

1 package Puff Pastry, thawed for 45 minutes
1 # mild Italian sausage, cooked and drained
1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded

Cut each piece of Puff Pastry into 3 equal strips.  Line your Italian sausage and cheese down the middle of each piece.

Gather the edges together starting at the middle and pinch firmly to close.  

Cut each roll into 8 equal pieces.  Place on a greased or parchment lined baking sheet.  

Melt together ~

1/4 cup butter
1/4 tsp garlic powder

Brush the tops of each Italian Sausage bite.  Place in a 400° oven for 15 minutes.  Remove from oven and sprinkle 1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese on top and return to oven for an additional 3 minutes.  Remove from oven and let cool for 5 minutes before serving.