Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Man cave? No ~ Woman cave!

Man cave this...man cave that.  Enough!  I've decided I want my own cave.  I'm making my kitchen my sanctuary.  It is here that I create new recipes and brave new techniques. 

The best part is I can justify my kitchen purchases like the new bright yellow colander and having 4 sets of measuring spoons.  If you've stumbled into here, you probably understand and are feeling the need to shop for fun kitchen toys and then somehow find a place to put them into your already over packed cupboards. 

A new cooking magazine subscription?  Yes, go for it.  You can never have too many to find inspiration on a cold winter night to enter your woman cave and create comfort food.  Another cookbook?  You can never have too many.  It's impossible.

I'm off to my cave to seek solace from the ice storm outside.  Enjoy your evening ~